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About my practice

Areas of specialization:
It has come to my attention that as a marketing approach, some mental health professionals have a long list of concerns in which they "specialize" or regarding which they hold themselves out as "experts." This would imply that those of us who do not have such lists are not "expert" in those areas.   What I am noticing is that these "specialists" will order numerous tests and prescribe numerous treatments, most of which are expensive, not covered by insurance, and not supported by any evidence from randomized controlled trials.

I consider myself to be an expert in all areas of child and adolescent psychiatry, from ADHD to zoonosis.  I won't order a lot of dubious lab tests, and I won't sell you any snake oil.  What I will do is tell you what the diagnosis is and what's the most efficacious and safest treatment.  Either I'll provide that treatment, or I'll connect you with the best person I know who does.  I'll do my best to fit your treatment to your budget.

Medication management service:
Providing state-of-the-art, evidenced based psychopharmacology is an important part of what I do at Family Psychiatry of Maine.  My philosophy is that every child who is on psychiatric medication should also be in some kind of counseling or therapy.   It is also vitally important for the child's parents and sometimes siblings to be involved to some extent in the treatment.  The more everyone in the family understands about the child's challenges, the better they can help.  I can provide the therapy, I can refer you to someone else for therapy, or you can continue with your current therapist. 

Many patients and families are interested in complimentary and alternative medicine. I do sometimes recommend supplements, but only in situations where there is solid evidence from randomized controlled trials that it safe and effective for the condition in question.

Although I started of my psychiatric training thinking I would become a psychoanalyst, I have come to realize that mode of therapy is appropriate for a very small number of my patients. Therefore I have trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT),  Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), short term dynamic therapy, family therapy and couples therapy.   I offer therapy in these modalities to address issues of trauma, psychosis, substance abuse, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder and other anxiety disorders.  I incorporate emotional self-regulations skills as an important part of almost all these therapies. My therapeutic goals are to move patients and families towards both functioning better and feeling better.

I am happy to provide single session evaluation and recommendation service to pediatricians, family practitioners, primary care doctors and nurse practitioners.  It is important for the successful consultation that a focused concern be outlined, and that all pertinent records from the primary care provider, the school, and any other involved parties be available for review beforehand.  Patients and families should come to the consultation with the understanding that the referring primary care provider will be writing the prescriptions and making arrangements for any other recommended interventions.  Occasionally, it will turn out that the best solution is to transfer the mental health care to Family Psychiatry of Maine.

I am also pleased to assist schools in devising effective approaches to children with unique learning, behavioral, and emotional health needs, usually via their Special Education Department.  For school consultations, it is important for all parties (school personnel, child, parents, and therapists) to understand in advance that the school is the client, and no direct service is provided by Family Psychiatry of Maine to the child.  Services for schools can be single-session evaluations, time-limited interventions, or ongoing projects.

Disclaimer: The information on this website is intended for your information and education. It is NOT to be used as specific medical advice for you. I will be happy to discuss your particular, individual situation with you if you decide to become a patient.




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